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What You See Is What You Get!

Bulfyss, a name recalled with trust, Bulfyss has evolved and expanded this convenience through a range of Home & Kitchen, Fitness, Travel and other category products focused on catering to the needs of modern consumers. Bulfyss ceaselessly draws inspiration from people's journeys and experiences strive continuously to make life easier and modern with state-of-the-art products.

Founded in 2013, today Bulfyss stands proudly with a legacy spanning over 7 years, along with an established network of 5 million customers. This fuels Bulfyss to continually move forward, evolve and bring the winds of change to every household & Traveller with its product range.

Angel Bear - a Brand by Bulfyss also carries a lot of wide range of products like Professional Art Kits, Home & Kitchen, Travel Accessories and others which also go under proper product phase before bringing them to end consumer


Being one of the most reliable and Amazon bestseller brands, Bulfyss aims to provide high-quality products that solve consumer problems by continuously innovating, reinventing, setting new standards and doing outstanding work.


To continuously innovate and improve our products based on customer needs & experiences as well as current industry trends.


We continuously innovate and improve our products based on customer needs & feedback as well as current industry trends.

Quality & Durabilty

For us it is quality rather than quantity that matters. As we are Committed To Quality. Committed To You.

Best Seller

We are largest and best Private label Seller on Amazon India in multiple categories

Responsive Customer Service

Our customer-centric approach means that customers always come first. We are proud to stand by our 100% Hassel Free Customer service policy.

Let's think different & Unique

Evolution is the Hallmark of Progress

Change is constant, but to turn it into an opportunity for innovations, is what defines Bulfyss growth - 'Let's think of change & Make in India'.

At Bulfyss, the everyday team do plan & analyse over thoughts and ideas to create something better & creative than yesterday, perhaps a better tomorrow where lifestyle is continuously changing and our innovations serving as the catalyst of this constant evolution. Various market products from all over world are tried & tested before designing & launching bulfyss product so be assured of the quality.

Year 2013

Kitchen Scale

Year 2013

Luggage Scale

Year 2014

Measuring Cups & Spoons Set

Year 2014

Jewellery Organiser

Year 2015

Cake Turntable Stand

Year 2015

Baking Tray

Year 2016

Anti Slip Mat

Year 2016

Cupcake Tray

Year 2017

Undergardments Organiser

Year 2017

Mop Holder

Year 2018

Multipurpose Lock

Year 2018

Medicine Pill Organiser

Year 2019

Chopping Board

Year 2019

Mobile Holder

Year 2020

Digital Smart clock

Year 2020

Professional Pencil Set

Year 2021

Dish Drainer Drying Rack

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